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5 star hajj packages 2021

5 star and Economy Non-Shifting Hajj packages are the specialties of Hijaz Travels Ltd. We also offer various other Hajj and Umrah Packages from the UK. We are ATOL, IATA, LHO, and Ministry of Hajj and Umrah approved agent. We have built our reputation as a tried and trusted  Hajj and Umrah service provider over the last few years helping thousands realizing their dreams of a serene pilgrimage.

The Saudia government decided to limit the number of pilgrims to enter the kingdom for hajj 2022. According to the new hajj circular 2022, the Saudi government only allowed 5-star hotels to take hajj bookings. Moreover, they didn't give permission to any economy or standard hotels to take hajj booking. As a result, we only launched our 5 Star non-shifting hajj packages in 2022. However, if the Saudia government allows economy hotels to take hajj booking then we will launch our economy hajj packages in 2022.

Brothers and sisters who have performed Hajj or Umrah are fortunate enough for being the guests of Allah (SWT). If you are planning to perform Hajj in 2022 or Umrah and want to be among those fortunate brothers and sisters, feel free to choose our 5 star hajj packages 2022 and Umrah packages.

hajj 2022 comparison table

Why Choose Non-Shifting Hajj packages?

Hajj non-shifting package means that the pilgrims do not have to move from place to place and will have to stick to one accommodation that they have bought in their Hajj travel package. The non-shifting Hajj package pilgrims have provided a single location in Makkah or Madina or near Haram Shareef. The cost is obviously high for the hotels and accommodations nearer to the holy Grand mosque and the pilgrims have to pay more than those pilgrims who are living farther away. Taking a non-shifting package will be of great benefit to a pilgrim as he does not have to move from place to place with his or her luggage which is difficult to manage and take from one site to another. Pilgrims will have access to their hotels even during the hajj days. However, in shifting Hajj packages, the pilgrims always have to move from one accommodation to the other endeavoring residence(6-8 people in one room) away from the Haram Shareef during the top days of Hajj and then bringing them close to the Masjid al-Haram as the Hajj days are keep going down from their peak. In conclusion, we believe the non-shifting Hajj packages are a far better option compared to the shifting package. 

Why We Only Do Non Shifting Hajj Packages?

We at Hijaz Travel Ltd used to arrange shifting hajj packages; however, after taking numerous negative feedback about shifting packages from our hajji's, we decided to stop making shifting packages. According to their feedback, with shifting, packages are really hard to perform hajj especially for old and young hajji's. 10th Zul Hajj (eid day) is the most physically demanding day for any pilgrim and especially that day if pilgrims do not have access to their hotels which is close to haram then they face many difficulties such as transportation and waiting, as a result, many pilgrims sometimes cannot cope with the hardship. After taking all these factors into consideration,  we stop making shifting hajj packages so that your hajji's do not have to worry about their transportation and accommodation. They can focus more on hajj rituals and make their hajj a journey of a lifetime.



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